About Tresys

Tresys is the widely trusted partner and leader for cybersecurity, their solutions dive deep in to protect customers from critical infrastructure security attacks. Tresys offers services that vary from product security analysis to network perimeter defense to as well as to ensure the practical application of SELinux. And one of their most important solutions is the XD guardian.

What is XD guardian and what does it differ from competitors?

XD guardian offers cross domain solutions (CDS) with unmatched flexibility, that assures safe access and transfer of information between two or more varying security domains.

XD guardian offers the following features:
  • Secure and adaptable: dual-guard, quad-diode cross domain appliance, it is available in the standard 1U 19” rack-mountable configuration (other formfactors are also possible based on your configuration)
    1. it provides strong security at each system layer (hardware, OS, and filters)
    2. support unidirectional and fully bidirectional transfer
    3. Deliver performance (high throughput, low latency data transfer) when linked with 1Gb network interface
  • Flexible Filtering: to meet with unique business requirements filters are available for both streaming and file transfer protocols. The filters can perform the following:
    1. File whitelist/blacklist
    2. Antivirus scanning
    3. XML schema validation
  • XD guardian is the only SABI-Certified Exportable CDS

  • It’s ideal to be used by:
  • Government networks
  • Nuclear, industrial, and utility organizations
  • System integrators

  • XDGurardian