About IACBOX (Internet Access Control Box)

The award-winning internet hotspot solution IACBOX “internet for guests” is developed by the leading Austrian software developing company Asteas founded in 2002, with partners and installations from all over the world including airports, hotels, hospitals etc for many years.

IACBOX Products

We provide several IACBOX products such as:

  • IACBOX Software (full version): As technologies advance more data intensive applications are being developed and integrated in people’s lives. From smart phones to wearable devices etc., which in turn increase the data traffic and makes the organizations such as companies, hotels and schools make a separate controlled and secured network for guests, to provide their customers with the best service. However, this task can be demanding and exhausting, IT can’t monitor hundreds of guests in the network, and there where the IACBOX (Internet Access Control BOX) takes this demanding job. The software offers the following:
    1. Hotspot
    2. Login pages
    3. Authenticating guests
    4. Operating system that allows to do all the necessary network services (ex: controlling traffic, and managing the available bandwidth)
    All running only on a server or a Virtual Machine with a corresponding broadband Internet access and a wired/wireless network infrastructure.
    IACBOX features include:
    1. Flexible: hardware independent, works on any of the numerous supported VM environments (such as VMware, Micorosft Hyper-V Server, KVM) , start immediately on preinstalled hardware.
    2. Individual: individual log in page with customizable templates, external login API, as well as preconfigured plugins.
    3. Modular: license model, Interfaces. And options.
    4. Scalable: select the best license for your user numbers, upgrade options if something changes, as well as extendable additional options as you need them.
  • IACBOX Lite version For small organizations such as small hotels, restaurants & cafes, and public spaces that would like to have similar features of the IACBOX software but doesn’t need the full version (as they don’t need database connections, ticket mass production or online payment methods) we offer the IACBOX Lite version. The lite version offers the following features:
    1. Allows up to 250 concurrent devices online.
    2. Configurable log in page
    3. Registration via Facebook or Google
    4. Printing a voucher with a password
    5. Optional: with the privacy toolkit module you can protect your data
    It is available as either a software or a Virtual appliance (for 25/50/75/100/175/250 concurrent users), and when needed each can be converted to a full version.

  • IACBOX Hardware Models

    We offer 5 different IACBOX hardware models for different hot spot providers ranging from small to very large sized ones, to complete your Internet hotspot solution. These models can support up to thousand concurrent users in a wireless, wired, or hybrid network infrastructures. The 5 different IACBOX models ranges based on your required license, and they are:

  • IACBOX Lite Server: perfect for smaller projects, recommended for the Lite version 25, 50, 75, 100, 175, 250 of the software.
  • IACBOX Basic Server: very scalable, recommended for the full version 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 175 of the software.
  • IACBOX Power Server: recommended for full version 100, 175, 250, 500, 750 for medium sized projects.
  • IACBOX Performance Server: recommended for full version 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 for larger projects.
  • IACBOX High Performance Server: For sophisticated installations with 2000, 3000 or unlimited concurrent users.
  • For more information & specifications about the servers please refer to the ”IACBOX Hardware Module” document listed in the documents section

    IACBOX modules

    We offer 7 different IACBOX modules that you can choose what you need for your own organization that goes along with your own IACBOX Lite or full version, and they are:

  • External Login API (FULL & LITE)
  • VPN Tunnel (FULL)
  • Application Control PRO (FULL)
  • PMS Interface (FULL)
  • Central Services (FULL & LITE)
  • HIS Interfaces (FULL)
  • Privacy Toolkit (FULL & LITE)
  • For detailed description about these modules please refer to the ”IACBOX Modules” document listed in the documents section