Gorilla technology


About Gorilla technology

Gorilla technology is a privately held IT company that focuses on video technology and internet of things. Offering content management as well as a range of video-centric applications for several organizations (such as retail, enterprise as well as surveillance) via using machine learning video analysis to analyze and extract information from digital content. Their solutions can help in the following sectors:

  • Management: using video analysis and IOT devices to manage meetings attendance and performance metrics, it can improve productivity as well as communication within an enterprise.
  • Business: by using video intelligence and IOT sensors to drive decision making with correlation with metrics and observed behaviors in the commercial sector can increase revenue.
  • Security: integrates surveillance information with physical security to enable machines to identify and verify people and vehicles, as well as searching and tracking objects. Which helps to reduce risk and enhance situational awareness.

  • IVAR™ Edge AI

    Short for “Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder” is a software that you install on your operational center computer, that analyze real-time video feed using AI and machine learning. It can give insight to your business and operations and protect them within a single dashboard that can effectively search, track and detect suspicious people, vehicles, and objects.

  • All-in-one video management system with IVA: comprehensive yet compact, ideal for those who would like an all-in-one proactive video surveillance.
  • Intel® Optimized for Cost & performance: fully optimized by Open Vino™, versatile and can run on CPU-only systems (no GPU need).
  • Flexible and scalable according to the client’s needs: from all-in-one machines (or gateway hubs) to larger scenarios, well defined deployment to large sites and different scenarios.
  • Adding value with API Integration: open architecture and API interface for quick integration with existing VMS solutions.

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    For more technical information about IVAR™ please refer to “IVAR™ white paper” document listed in the documents section