Data Center Audit

Data Center Design Validation

We aimed to evaluate your new, extension or reconstruction of your existing, data center, rendering full verification of the design against applicable performance, technology, standards and High availability.

Our services include

  • Evaluate the design criteria to meet the objective of your business requirements
  • Pro-active prevention of possible problems and risks during construction.
  • Minimize the risk factors that potentially affect the performance and availability in operation.
  • Evaluate the Data Center Maintenance options and complexity.
  • Pro-actively bring possible enhancements to the attention of the customer.
  • The study will be conducted by data center professionals and will address the five main critical design areas:

  • Power layout and quality
  • Environmental factors and dimensioning such as cooling, fire protection, monitoring of the datacenter.
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Networks
  • Operational security and safety
  • A report on the design of the datacenter will be provided indicating the findings and the potential areas for improvement with recommendations. Obviously, business needs and budget constraints will be taken into consideration. Everything is aimed at pro-actively improve the datacenter and minimize its risks.

    Data Center Facility Audit Services

    Watad is aimed at reviewing the physical implementation of the data center to ensure compliance to the standard chosen and to ensure proper workmanship. An experienced auditor will review on-site all the design documents and will review each area of the facility under scope. Our facility audit includes a full-fledged assessment of our customers’ electromechanical environment including customers’ cooling, electrical power supply, networks and light current systems. Our consultancy service ensures that our customers’ data center electromechanical system is operating efficiently and is risk-free. Our Facility Audit Services include:

  • DC Earthing Inspection and Assessment
  • An in-depth audit of data centers for compliance with the EU Code of conduct on data centers through compliance by analysis of energy readings. We compare our customers’ site to EPA standard industry model and rating system, as well as advice on monitoring according to the EU CoC, ISO50001 & EN 16001.

  • DC Thermal Imaging Audit and Inspection
  • A thermal image audit and inspection can save you time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly failures. Also as a predicative maintenance tool on critical facilities where shutdown of critical equipment may not be possible. Our services include:

    • Facility Problems and Defects
    • Energy Audit Consultancy
    • Equipment and DC Maintenance
    • Rack Inspection
    • HVAC Airflow Inspection
    • Software Capability for Reporting
  • DC Power Quality Test and Inspection
  • A power quality test and inspection assist to locate predict, prevent and troubleshoot power quality problems in three phase and single phase power equipment and distribution systems. Its application in the Data Center environment would be used in testing, maintenance and inspections of all electrical systems including UPS systems, generators, pumps, motors, low voltage transformers and power distribution. Our services include:
    • Power Management
    • Energy Savings
    • Power Supply Unbalance Loads
    • Harmonics
    • Maintenance and Site Durability