Portable Security

Trend Micro: Portable security

With the constant advancements in stand-alone and IOT devices, organizations face difficulties trying to provide effective security measures; since some of said devices have limitations when it comes to connecting to the internet and downloading security solutions/updates. As even though these devices may not connect to the internet, but they can still be affected and be vulnerable to security attacks that may affect the organization integrity. Thus, Trend Micro portable security solution offers efficient malware scanning and cleaning up procedures that are suitable for stand-alone and air-gapped systems; which include:

  • Operational technology environments: ICS, SCADA
  • ATMs, POS terminals
  • Medical devices
  • Other Windows based embedded devices

  • Advantages

  • No software installation needed
  • Easy operation: plug and scan!
    with built in LEDs, you can easily know the status of the scan:
    1. Red: malware have been detected, further action from the operator is needed
    2. Yellow: malware has been detected and has been successfully removed
    3. Blue: no malware detected; endpoint is clean!
  • Centralize management: through centralized management program you can have a view of scans occurring on multiple endpoint systems, and the security tool can be updated with the latest version.

  • Features

  • Multiple malware scanning options: with built in LEDs, you can easily know the status of the scan:
    1. Detection only
    2. Detection and clean up
    3. Resume scan
    4. Scan added/updated files only
    5. USB boot scan
  • Integrated scan log
  • Embedded security to protect the scanning tool
  • Log viewing and management
  • Malware pattern file update

  • Operation