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WhatsUp Gold

What is WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is an all-in-one monitoring software that monitors your entire infrastructure. It gives you full visibility into the status and performance of applications for networks that are either on-premises or out. Developed by progress

What can WhatsUP Gold Monitor?

Application preformance Bandwidth Consumption Cloud-based Resources
Network Preformance Hyper-V and VMware Wireless Network


Application Monitoring Cloud Monitoring Device Discovery
Description WhatsUp Gold can help you meet your user expectations by providing you with alerts when problems occur, able you to quickly identify the root cause of said problem. It also helps to monitor the performance of Linux systems, Apache web servers and Microsoft applications. With the advancement of cloud services, business critical operations became more and more reliant on said cloud services. Thus, whatsUp Gold can help you monitor your cloud services and display that information in context with the rest of the network infrastructure. You can monitor, report and create status alerts via AWS and Azure APIs, then integrate the information with your alert center/dashboard. With WhatsUp Gold you can Discover everything that is connected to your network. You can gain an understanding of your network from top to bottom and focus on keeping it running securely and at peak performance. We provide you with document and track of all your IT assets and trouble shoot connectivity issues with layer 2 trace.
  1. Commercial Applications
  2. In-house Applications
  3. End-user Performance & SLA Compliance
  1. Map cloud resources
  2. Monitor the cloud
  3. Get Proactive Alerts
  1. Discover Devices on Your Networks
  2. Visualize with Network Maps
Automated Network Configuration IP address Management Traffic Monitoring
Description WhatsUp Gold allows you to automate configuration and management for routers, switches and firewalls on your system. And get alerted of those changes, Archive and audit the network configurations. WhatsUp Gold help to manage your IP space by automating the documentation and discovery, to provide visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations. IP address utilizations on subnets as well as device to IP address associations. get visibility into your Network, Traffic by with WhatsUp Gold by getting detailed and actionable data on the network traffic
  1. Archive and Restore Network Configurations
  2. Network Configuration Manager Audits and Reports
  3. Automated Bulk Changes
  4. Alert on Configuration Changes
  1. Eliminate Error-Prone Processes
  2. Easily identify IP address duplication across subnets
  3. Simplify creation of historical IP address to device associations
  4. Minimize end-user disruption
  1. Monitor Network Traffic
  2. Receive Alerts
  3. Report on supicious events
VMware Virtualization Monitoring Wireless Network Monitoring
Description With whatsUp Gold you can discover, map, monitor, alert as well as report on VMware and Hyper-V performance in your network. Moreover, you can set up the alert thresholds of resource conception for hosts and guest. WhatsUp Gold allows you to remotely discover, map, monitor and manage the network. Investigate unusual bandwidth consumption and get real-time alerts when the CPU exceeds the threshold.
  1. Discover, Map and Monitor Your Virtual Infrastructure
  2. Alert on Your Virtual Infrastructure
  3. Get Reports on Your Virtual Infrastructure
  1. Real-time Wireless Monitoring
  2. Historical Reports and Dashboards
  3. Wireless Alert Center