Data Security

Data is the organization most valuable asset for both large and small organizations. It is the information that your organization collected, created, and stored across the years. Thus, as any important asset safeguarding it from external threats, loss, and corruption became more important today than it ever have been. Therefore, Watad can help you to protect your data through the following solutions:

Data Classification Integrity Management Backup, Recovery & Replication

Integrity Management: Tripwire

About tripwire

Partnering with Fortune 500 enterprises, from industrial organizations to government agencies, Tripwire became one of the trusted leaders for establishing a strong cybersecurity foundation. Providing protection to the integrity of mission-critical systems spanning physical, virtual as well as DevOps environments. Moreover, Tripwire with its award-winning portfolio provides top critical security controls, such as asset discovery, secure configuration management, vulnerability management as well as log management and file integrity monitoring (FIM).


Tripwire Enterprise


Tripwire Enterprise edition security configuration management (SCM) is a management suite that offers fully integrated solutions for file integrity, policy, as well as remediation management. Organizations can create a complete end-to-end SCM solutions by using these solutions together or use the file integrity monitoring or policy management solution to their own organization, tackling today’s and tomorrow’s pressing security and compliance challenges. Tripwire Enterprise edition provides solutions on the foundational level of security to your organization, including on-premise, cloud, and industrial asset.

  • Updated data collection and communication platform
  • Support for hybrid environments
  • Single point of control for all IT configurations
  • Advanced integration through REST APIs
  • OT network monitoring
  • Robust asset view capabilities
  • Workflow tools for managing failed configurations
  • Integration with change management systems
  • Faster, easier audit preparation
  • Support for maintaining a secure, compliant state
  • Automated IT compliance processes
  • Please refer to the “Tripwire Enterprise Datasheet” for more detailed description of the Tripwire Enterprise edition.

    Tripwire Enterprise File Integrity Manager


    To protect critical systems or data, organizations need to detect all changes in real time, and determine if these changes introduce any risk. However, with the constant changes to files IT employees may find it hard to tell the difference between good changes and bad ones, here were the File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) comes in.

    How it works
    1. Create a highly detailed baseline version of each monitored file/ configuration in a known true state.
    2. Using real time monitoring, it detects any changes to the file/configuration and captures these versions
    3. These versions provide critical before and after reviews, with detailed information about who made the change, when and what did that person change, and more.
    4. Finally, it applies change intelligence to each change in the file/configuration to decide if this change impacts the integrity.
    Features and benefits
  • Continuous real time change discovery, across the enterprise infrastructure, whether it was virtual, physical or cloud.
  • Capture data with more granularity and specificity than other FIM solutions, it includes detailed report in who, what when, and how
  • Reliable host-based intrusion detection system, that protects the organization against breaches and exploits
  • Broad support of any IT asset, such as servers, platforms, devices, applications and more
  • Change IQ capabilities that determine if a change is either business-as-usual, or create risk, or non-compliance
  • Captures detailed change data in real time without any significant effect on systems.
  • Please refer to the “Tripwire File integrity Manager Datasheet” for more detailed description of the Tripwire Enterprise edition.