Cybersecurity Services

Security Control Assessment

Watad offers security control assessment to your organization, through it you can evaluate and or test the management operational and security controls in your organization’s information system to determine the whither your controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and yielding the required outcome with respect to the security requirement of your system.
Assessing the security control of your organization have many benefits such as identifying the security controls that your organization already have in place and using it well to reach your organization goals, as well as to understand where there might be gaps; based on the identified risks.
By the end of the security assessment you will have a prioritized list of control gaps, and ways on how you can overcome and fill said gaps.

Security Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability assessment can discover which vulnerabilities are there in your organization. Whereas, penetration testing aims to exploit the vulnerabilities in the system to find out whether a malicious activity ,such as unauthorized access, is possible and recognize which flaws form a threat to the organization, and find out the severity of the damage if a real attack happened.
Watad offers two types of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services:

  • Network and System Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing

  • Configuration Analysis

    Implementing security solutions to your organization is an important step to increase the overall security of the organization and making sure that all the security solutions that the organization have invested in are implemented correctly is essential to make use of them. Thus, Watad offers expertise that can analyze the security configurations of your organization to detect any shortcomings and provide a full report, with recommendations on how to overcome them.

    Network and Infrastructure Design review

    If a network is designed perfectly all networks implementations will work systematically. A network design review is a service that allows organizations to gauge the security of their current network infrastructure and helps to find the gap in said infrastructure and find solutions on how to handle them.
    Benefits of the Network and Infrastructure Design review:

  • Identify the network weaknesses and strengths in the current infrastructure
  • Tackle the problematic areas in the infrastructure that could affect he organization’s assets, such as databases and applications
  • Guarantee a smooth delivery of the network design with its security controls.